Port Douglas Wedding Photography – Rhiannon and Brent.

Across the road from 4 Mile Beach in Port Douglas…

wedding preparations were going on. As a wedding photographer, the preparations before a wedding are one of my favourite parts of the day. There is love and laughing, make up and hair, champagne and people helping each other.

Here Rhiannon is getting ready to be married, with the help of her Mum and friends. 

There is make up to be done and eyelashes to choose from… 

Although not everybody thinks these things really important. 

Across town where the boys were getting ready,

Cohen wasn’t too sure what I was doing there…

He recovered quickly though, and got down to some serious men’s business.

Back over at the beach

a very relaxed bride, just enjoying the time in the lead up to being married.

For others, naps are over, snack are on.

And then it’s time to get dressed.  If you’ve ever put on a weddding dress, you’ll know it’s not a simple thing to do and you generally need help from people like your Mum.

In fact, the more help the better.

and everyone wants a peek at the bride.

Then it’s time to go.

Rhiannon had done most of the organising of the wedding, but Brent had kept one secret from her. She was picked up and delivered to the wedding by Horses in Port.

The ceremony was held in Little Cove, Port Douglas and Rhiannon was given away by her brother Nicholas.

Now, when it comes to walking down the aisle, everyone has their very own style. Some people run like lightening…

and others walk on the aisle instead of in it…  But everyone gets to the same place.

I always love the moment when the groom sees the bride.

The ceremony by Sarah Woods was just beautiful.

Future photographer.  Well if your Dad’s not going to pick you up while he’s  marrying your Mum, you may as well take a few shots.

There were some tears when the horse had to leave, however, it was another quick recovery and off we went for some photos.

Cohen was actually more interested in what I was doing, and left his Mum and Dad to come over and check it out.

This is the photo he took.

Back into Port Douglas to catch up with the wedding party in Stinger Park.

And to be congratulated by people enjoying the sunset.

And a big congratulations to Nicholas and Jacinta, who will be next to be married!

The two girls were also ready to be photographed

but Cohen was happy just drawing in the dirt with a rose.

A quick stop at the pub,

before heading out to one of the most stunning wedding reception venues in Port Douglas, Flames of the Forest.

Drinks and canapes were served before everyone headed up to the main area for dinner.

The reception was lovely

and the speeches very touching.

and while the adults did boring stuff like talk, the kids had plenty to keep them happy…

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding, for a gorgeous couple.

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    Another of your beautiful wedding story’s . Love how you include the children.

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