On a bright sunny day in Port Douglas,  in a house near 4 Mile Beach,

a beautiful dress was waiting to be worn,

and Michelle was getting ready to wear it.

The hours before a wedding are very special. Girls are having hair and make up done, family members and friends come and go…

stories are told…

words of love are written…

love, care and time are taken to prepare for the occasion.

Boys are a bit different.

Back with the girls and there is pampering of the bride,

catwalk practice,

and then I”m back to see the boys again.  By now, they are getting ready.

Michelle had told me they had special underwear.

As a photographer I sometimes find myself in unusual places, or saying things like, “OK let’s go outside and can you all take your pants off please?”

Back at the girls’ house

the flowers had arrived

flower girls were drinking and dancing and whiling away the time.

What more do you need than a clean dress, a floor to lie on, an orange pinwheel and a mirror?

Upstairs, Michelles vows

a last minute touch up

and the dress.

Meanwhile, down at the beach are the boys (pants on),

and the guests (shoes off).

Nick watches as the bridal party arrive at the ceremony

and waits in anticipation for Michelle.

Then he sees her.

And he is a very happy groom.

The ceremony, by the fabulous Natasha Kollosche was beautiful.  There was laughter, tears and singing.

After champagne and congratulations, off we went to the rainforest

and then back to the Sea Temple golf club for a bit of wandering around the golf course at dusk.  Michelle and Nick practiced some kissing,

and practiced some dancing.

Dancing and kissing down pat, we went to find the rest of the bridal party for some very serious photos.

“I’m going to marry the one with the orange flower,” was declared, but since they all had orange flowers, he had to be pointed out.

The reception was at the Sea Temple Port Douglas Golf Club.

Everybody danced into the recetion

where there were speeches…



and photo booth fun.

And more dancing.

Later, I had to say goodnight to the Bride, Groom and Gnome.

Congratulaions Michelle and Nick what a great wedding!  And if you ever quit your day jobs, you’d make great rock stars!

Enjoy Africa.

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