Alicia & Jonny

What can I say about Alicia & Jonny?  What a special couple.

When they decided they wanted me as their wedding photographer I was in Sri Lanka shooting a documentary with international children’s charity FunForLife.

So communication was a little slow.  However, we managed and here is the story of their day, with a very special ending linked to FunForLife.

It all started at Bali Hai, on Sept 25, where Alicia was getting ready.

It was a lovely relaxed morning – the girls were practising how to walk down the aisle…

Alicia is simply gorgeous and just radiating happiness.

The wedding was at St Mary’s …

..where Jonny was waiting for Alicia.

Natasha Kollosche was the celebrant. It was such a beautiful wedding, with tears, lots of laughter and lots and lots of love.

We had great fun with the photo shoot

and stopped off at Newel beach for on the way back to Bali Hai.

Because Jonny’s family is South American, they were getting married again the next Saturday in a very small intimate ceremony in the Catholic church, so they were going to be in town for a while longer.

I invited them all to a fundraiser I was holding at the local pub on Friday to raise funds for FunForLife‘s 2011 Haiti project.  The Port Douglas community is very generous and there was loads of great prizes up to be auctioned and raffled.

The team at Sky Safari had donated one of their pilots to be auctioned off as a slave for a day, including a scenic flight for 3 people.  Alicia’s Dad bid on, and won Andy and the helicopter.  He also bought the portrait session I had donated.  Then decided to put the two together.  So the next morning, after the 2nd wedding, we all met at the Sky Safari base and flew up to a private beach location north of Port Douglas on the edge of the Daintree rainforest for the photo shoot.

Have I mentioned I love my job?

There was a bit of rain around, but it eased and Andy, the pilot slave quickly became a fantastic photographer’s assistant and we got some great shots.

Then the rain came back and we stood under a big tree on the edge of the oldest forest while Alicia and Jonny laughed about getting rained on in the rainforest.  What a great couple. I had a fantastic time photographing their wedding and hanging out with them.  Thanks you guys, and thanks Sky Safari. Andy the “slave” for a day dropped them to Salsa after the flight and stayed for lunch.  Not too bad being a slave for these two!

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  1. Paul & Geraldine says:

    Well done Ali, some exceptional shots, captured the mood of the two days to a “T”,

  2. Bel says:

    Ali, you have captured the day beautifully, a million thanks.

    Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay amor

    Jooooooooooony and Alicia forever more x

  3. Bradley King says:

    Ali. Outstanding! Thanks for sharing and for doing what you do so well. Highest regards. Bradley ~ Skysafari Australia

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