…the birth

This is the first time I have ever witnessed a birth, let alone photographed one.

Here is the photographic story of Isabella’s birth.

4.26pm – Duncan’s last afternoon of not being a father,

5.13 pm – timing the contractions at home…

10.42pm at the birthing suite in the hospital, Cath is starting to get very uncomfortable

11.01pm she tries the bath, but it slowed the contractions…

…which got worse and worse. 1.54am

Duncan was amazing and supported her continuously throughout.  Cath didn’t take any painkillers other than a few panadine fort.





3.o5am – Cath’s face changes instantly from pain to love as soon as she sets eyes on Isabella.  I’ve never seen such a rapid switch between to opposite emotions.



4.44am.  Unfortunately, the support team, Duncan & I crashed at this stage.


Welcome to Isabella, congratulations to Cath & Duncan and we cannot say enough about how amazing the staff at the Royal Woman’s Hospital Randwick are, especially Leasa & Deb the fantastic midwives.

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  1. Karmell MacDonald says:

    Well done catherine! she’s just lovely.
    Well done Alison, I wish you’d been there for the birth of my 2.
    Just lovely, every photo brought tears to my eyes.
    Love Karmell xxx

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