Sri Lanka

I was lucky enough to spend February in Sri Lanka working with the Fun For Life team.  Fun For Life is a charity organisation who work in orphanages of countries effected by war.     FunForLife Homepage

The team has no political motives and the objective is purely to give the children a chance to laugh, sing, dance and play – just be kids again for while and forget what they’ve been through.  So with a dancer, a musician and a puppeteer, we spent an amazing time with these kids.

The images selected here are in random order, and mainly from the Anbu Illam Girl’s Orphanage in Trincomalee, NE Sri Lanka.

The girl’s absolutely LOVED the week with Fun For Life team.  Next image, Julie has just heard her voice played back in one of Nathan’s music workshops.

With Saam, they made props with everyday items..

Being a tiger in Kate’s dance workshop

…and they loved our sunglasses.

Outside the orphanage, general Sri Lankan life…

Kate, making up the girl’s for the final performace

A wander down the beach and you’ll meet fishermen

and see that the war was declared over only 9 months ago.

The girls can count to 100 in English

Fun For Life Director, and general make-sure-everything-runs-smoothly person, Dr Ellie Parker

Kate E Deeming – Dancing Queen   Deeming Dreaming –

The ever delightful theatre designer, Saam Wyer

Nathan Portlock – the man whom I believe would perish if he didn’t have music in his life.

And I was there to document the project.  Documentary to be release June 2010.

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    I love the picture where they all have the sunnies on!

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