My Pregnant Sister

My big sister is pregnant!  (Well, she was – it’s all over now).  I flew down to do some  pregnancy photography with her and be present and supportive for the birth. We managed to fit in lots of photo sessions before the birth. A few in the park;

..which was nice, but it didn’t feel like them.  When I photograph portraits, I try to photograph who the person is, rather than them being in a photograph, if that makes sense.

So went back to their house then wandered (well, Duncan & I wandered – Catherine waddled) around their suburb and had a coffee at the one of the usual haunts.

And we did, of course, get into a studio to do some pregnancy portraits about the belly.

And because she’s my sister, I was able to get some extra shots.  A few of my favourites;

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  1. Susie Downing says:

    Congratulations beautiful people!
    It’s been so many years, decades even, since we have caught up and I wondered where the George girls are and what they are doing now. Then I stumbled by accident upon these shots of my childhood best friend. They are amazing, and she and the baby look absolutely beautiful!
    Not sure if this is Alison or Eleanor’s photography, but could you please pass on my best wishes to Cath and Duncan!
    Susie Downing

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