Rachael & Emma

Every wedding I photograph is special, and every couple is different, but Rachael and Emma even more so.  They’re the sort of people you leave wishing they lived closer so you could see them more and hang out.955 McIntosh IMG_1523

Their wedding was at the stunning Mali Mali, just north of Port Douglas.  The girls brought their own long boards.003-Port-Douglas-Photographer-Catseye-McIntoshMaria from Zen Photography came to help shoot the preparations, and when we arrived the girls from Port Douglas Hair and Makeup were in full swing.

27 McIntosh IMG_1005


Emma and Rachael were in opposite ends of the house, so they didn’t see each other before the wedding.  The bridal party were going back and forth between them.44 McIntosh IMG_1421-2

47 McIntosh IMG_1424-2

Emma, peeping out to Rach’s side of the house to see where everyone is.57 McIntosh IMG_1035

59 McIntosh IMG_7243

66 McIntosh IMG_7256

There were presents for both girls, from the whole bridal party, and from each other.78 McIntosh IMG_1055

80 McIntosh IMG_1059

85 McIntosh IMG_7270

92 McIntosh IMG_1445-2

When it came time for Rach to open Emma’s, present and card, the others left her alone.006-Port-Douglas-Wedding-Photographer-Catseye-McIntosh

116 McIntosh IMG_7292

133 McIntosh IMG_1477-2

Then it was Emma’s turn,148 McIntosh IMG_7339

151 McIntosh IMG_7340

140 McIntosh IMG_7331

and again, alone with Rachael’s card.155 McIntosh IMG_7341


Just enough time for a quick pillow fight before getting dressed.175 McIntosh IMG_7366


One of the girl’s best friends Bec, unfortunately could’t make it, but luckily was able to see most of the day anyway.203 McIntosh IMG_7403


216 McIntosh IMG_1553-2


236 McIntosh IMG_1157


The petticoats had been delivered by mail, and the parcel thrown into the yard, where Stella found it first.  Both girls had matching dog-loved petticoats.009-Port-Douglas-Wedding-Photographer-Catseye-McIntosh

014-Port-Douglas-Wedding-Photographer-Catseye-McIntosh269 McIntosh IMG_1183

279 McIntosh IMG_1197


290 McIntosh IMG_7536

302 McIntosh IMG_1218



Before the wedding Rachel and Emma had a first look. The girls guided eyes-shut Rachael over to Emma.018-Port-Douglas-Wedding-Photographer-Catseye-McIntosh

346 McIntosh IMG_7583


358 McIntosh IMG_1645-2



380 McIntosh IMG_7601

381 McIntosh IMG_1667-2

403 McIntosh IMG_1716-2


424 McIntosh IMG_7680

440 McIntosh IMG_7703


The girls were given away by their parents, and there were hugs for everyone from everyone. 054-Port-Douglas-Wedding-Photographer-Catseye-McIntosh


483 McIntosh IMG_7728

The ceremony, which is a “Civil Partnership Declaration”!!! by Stephanie Milne was absolutely beautiful, and the first in the Douglas Shire.  I think everyone there had tears in their eyes at some stage, even Steph had to stop for a moment! I certainly did.056-Port-Douglas-Wedding-Photographer-Catseye-McIntosh

555 McIntosh IMG_7759

502 McIntosh IMG_1804-2







550 McIntosh IMG_1847-2

552 McIntosh IMG_1849-2

653 McIntosh IMG_7827

655 McIntosh IMG_1967-2

675 McIntosh IMG_1986-2

676 McIntosh IMG_1294

685 McIntosh IMG_2000-2


727 McIntosh IMG_1317

After the ceremony, the guests played lawn games (mostly hand made by Rachael’s Dad),033-Port-Douglas-Wedding-Photographer-Catweye-McIntosh-


and we went skating.036-Port-Douglas-Wedding-Photographer-Catweye-McIntosh-

When I had initially met the girls, we’d chatted about how we both love longboards (and our dogs).  I have a few at home, so threw them in the car for the rest of the bridal party, and off we went to the smoothest road north of Mossman.887 McIntosh IMG_1459



914 McIntosh IMG_2064-2

915 McIntosh IMG_2065-2

928 McIntosh IMG_1490-Edit

Sometimes skating with a wedding veil can be tricky, although I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been done much, and it didn’t even rip!!948 McIntosh IMG_2075-2

939 McIntosh IMG_1500

954 McIntosh IMG_1522

955 McIntosh IMG_1523

980 McIntosh IMG_2121-2

Then off to a creek1008 McIntosh IMG_1535


to drink some bubbles040-Port-Douglas-Wedding-Photographer-Catseye-McIntosh


and one more stop before we lost the light.  (PS We did actually get some serious stand-in-a-line bridal party shots too). And those amazing flowers you’re just noticing now? Floral Edge of course.1097 McIntosh IMG_1661-Edit

1102 McIntosh IMG_1676-Edit

The reception was on the tennis court and was a great night.1114 McIntosh IMG_1693





There were games,046-Port-Douglas-Wedding-Photographer-Catseye-McIntosh

1286 McIntosh IMG_1900


and dancing and more.048-Port-Douglas-Wedding-Photographer-Catseye-McIntosh



1376 McIntosh IMG_2140

The girls even left the party to come and say goodbye to the suppliers and walk us out.  Brad from Port Douglas Catering, awesome food as always, and thanks for the out of focus photo of Ewan Cutler, fabulous videographer, and me. 051-Port-Douglas-Wedding-Photographer-Catseye-McIntosh

I had to think about why the girls left such and impression on me, and realised that out of all the weddings I’ve seen, Rachael and Emma struck me as being so completely themselves, with each other and everyone around them.  It’s truly a beautiful love story.


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