Port Douglas Sugar Wharf

port_douglas_wedding_photographer-sugar wharf

The Port Douglas Sugar Wharf is one of the best locations for a wedding or a party in Port Douglas.  It’s a great location for your wedding ceremony or reception, and as a photographer I love it because it can be so diverse.  I have photographed so many weddings here, and all of them different.

Up until 1958 when the first road to Cairns was built, the wharf was used to ship sugar around Australia.  For a while it housed Ben Cropp’s Shipwreck Museum.  Now, it is the best place to spend an afternoon fishing – or to hold a wedding or a party.

Courthouse 2015

Courthouse 2015

Courthouse 2015

The Sugar Wharf is stunning by day… (but can be very hot).Port Douglas Sugar Wharf IMG_2850


Port Douglas Sugar Wharf IMG_7012

011-Port-Douglas-Sugar-Wharf-sbport_douglas_wedding_photographer-sugar wharf012-Port-Douglas-Sugar-Wharf-sb


Port Douglas Sugar Wharf IMG_2880

Port Douglas Sugar Wharf IMG_3001

Port Douglas Sugar Wharf lewry-blog-42


Port Douglas Sugar Wharf Catseye Productions 2


Port Douglas Sugar Wharf Catseye Productions 1

Port Douglas Sugar Wharf port_douglas_wedding_photographer_priceblog-71


Port Douglas Sugar Wharf Catseye Productions

Port Douglas Sugar Wharf IMG_3210

Port Douglas Sugar Wharf IMG_0419-2

Port Douglas Sugar Wharf Law -408

…the Sugar Wharf is one of the best places to watch the sun setting over Mossman Gorge…

Port Douglas Sugar Wharf Law -411


…and is inspiring at night.Port Douglas Sugar Wharf IMG_3289


Talk to Port Douglas Catering, or Port Douglas Weddings & Hire for ideas – you can have roving canapés, or a sit down meal – either inside or outside.Port Douglas Sugar Wharf IMG_3285

Port Douglas Sugar Wharf IMG_2951-2

Port Douglas Sugar Wharf IMG_6942

Port Douglas Sugar Wharf Law -476


The Sugar Wharf looks great with lots of styling or hardly any.  A few thing to keep in mind when planning your wedding here – it can be very hot earlier in the afternoon when the sun is bouncing off the whitewashed wall, and, stilettos will not be easy due to the distance between the boards on the deck.  Both things easily avoidable to make you wedding day on the Sugar Wharf fabulous.


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