Kazumi & Witold – An international wedding in Port Douglas

Japanese Kazumi & Polish Witold live in Sydney, Australia.  They married in Port Douglas last weekend, and I was lucky enough to be a part of the beautiful wedding.

I arrived at the house where they were all getting ready.  Twleve of them in total.  Kazumi’s family from Japan, and Witold’s from Poland.  I was met at the door by Kazumi’s mother Toki, telling me she didn’t speak English, then Witold’s mother Wictoria, telling me she didn’t speak English.

Kazumi, Witold and his sister translated from Japanese, Polish and English for everyone if they happened to be in the room.  I was humbled by the fact that although there wasn’t a common language between them, there was  smiles and communication, and love and helpfulness.

Wictoria, Kazumi’s Polish now mother-in-law, made Kazumi’s wedding dress.

And when I arrived was busy ironing anything anyone needed.

Here Witold’s sister is translating from Polish to English.  Wictoria wants Kazumi’s opinion on what colour she wears, and is asking if Kazumi if the green is better.

Kazumi’s niece Rina dragged Witold out to the garden to get a lemon off the tree

In the meantime, inside, Kazumi was getting dressed

with the help of two doting mothers…

…who talked away to each other in their own languages.  It was beautiful.

Rina looked fabulous

and Kazumi stunning.

We had a few photos in the garden

before everyone helped everyone with corsages and last minute adjustments.

Wictoria & Toki, the two mothers.

It was a beautiful intimate wedding ceremony at Little Cove Port Douglas

With vibrant Wayne Rees as celebrant

Louise, the fabulous wedding planner from Dynamic Weddings had butterflies to let fly into the gardens...

Formal portrait Japanese style

We then wandered through the park for a few informal portraits of the bride & groom

The to the Port Douglas Sugar Wharf for more photography.

Before the limo picked everyone up

to go to a fantastic lunch at Harrison’s.

Congratulations Kazumi & Witold. Such a beautiful day.

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