ENGAGED!!! A Centurion proposes at the beach, and flies away.

Yesterday was a very special day at the Wonga Beach Horse Riding.  James had taken his girlfriend Teagen for a morning ride, then found an excuse to slip away.

He came back as a Centurion, and he looked fantastic!

Riding over to Teagen … who had no idea what was going on.

It soon became apparent though.

And of course she said “Yes!!”

James had thought of everything, including champagne, and a change of clothes for Teagen which had been delivered to the stables.

They sat under the mango tree for a while

and we went to the beach for a few portraits.


The surprises weren’t over though.  Back at the Wonga Stables, along came Sky Safari and landed on the grass.

(by this stage, even Marie was getting teary with all the romance)

and off they flew for a picnic in the Daintree.

What an amazing proposal! Congratulations to you both.

James, you thought of everything!!  Teagen, you are just gorgeous.  So glad I could start my day with you guys!

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