Tony & Laura. A beautiful Port Douglas wedding.

I’d met with Tony & Laura a few times before their Port Douglas wedding and they are a very special couple.

Their wedding day was just as exceptional. The flowers by Floral Edge were stunning…storyboard001

…and Laura’s shoes? Wow.Triffett blog-5



Triffett blog-3

Triffett blog-14

Triffett blog-15

Triffett blog-16

Laura is graceful, gorgeous, and timelessly beautiful.Triffett blog-17

Triffett blog-18


Triffett blog-23


Triffett blog-25

Triffett blog-26


Triffett blog-33


Triffett blog-39

It was a perfect July daystoryboard009

Triffett blog-44

Triffett blog-45

Triffett blog-46

Triffett blog-47

Triffett blog-48

The ceremony was by Father Hilary Flynn.Triffett blog-49

Triffett blog-50

Triffett blog-52

Triffett blog-53


Triffett blog-56

Triffett blog-57

Triffett blog-51

Triffett blog-58


After the ceremony we wandered about the countryside, pausing in a few lovely locations…Triffett blog-61

Triffett blog-64

Triffett blog-62

and “Hey! There’s a fish!”Triffett blog-65

Triffett blog-68

Triffett blog-71

Triffett blog-72

Triffett blog-73

Triffett blog-74

There was a bit of water to walk over to get to where Tony & Laura were, so we needed to get the boysIMG_2409

to help get Laura back without damaging her shoes..Triffett blog-75

Then to the beach, well the path to Four Mile BeachTriffett blog-76

Triffett blog-77

and I’m not going to repeat what the groomsman said, but it was very funny.Triffett blog-78

Triffett blog-79
Triffett blog-82

Triffett blog-84

Triffett blog-85

Triffett blog-86

Triffett blog-87

Triffett blog-88

The wedding reception at the Port Douglas Sugar Wharf was catered by Salsa Bar & Grill.Triffett blog-89

Triffett blog-90


Triffett blog-93


Triffett blog-96

Triffett blog-97

Triffett blog-98

Triffett blog-99

Triffett blog-100

Triffett blog-101

The band Vikarious outside on a break.  Triffett blog-102

Triffett blog-103It was a beautiful wedding.  Congratulations Tony and Laura – and I hope you’re enjoying Mexico!

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