thoughts. on being a wedding photographer.

Being a wedding photographer.

It’s not just about being able to take a great photo, be creative, be good with people and know your way around Photoshop.
Here’s a bit of what else you need to be, to be a wedding photographer.

You need to be Patient. Here’s why.

You need to be the Time Keeper.

No wedding is ever going to run to that time sheet you were emailed, even with all it’s revisions.  Those run sheets don’t take into account the extra time for people’s reactions when they see that dress on for the first time.  For the flood of memories from a Mum, or Dad, or best friend.  They don’t take into account how long it takes to move all the guests drinking champagne and chatting to get that group shot.  And they don’t take into account that on wedding days, time doesn’t run normally, but it stops, then starts, then speeds along.

You need to gently keep the day flowing.

You need to be the Pacifier.
Whether it’s the bride or the groom or the Mother Of The Bride, having them stressed out does not help their day or your photos.

Relax and assure them it is all ok.

Because it is.

You need to Remain Calm.

Even in the face of a Mother Of The Bride who is a hurricane of emotion, spreading stress like wildfire making the whole day run late.

Even when Uncle Bob keeps stepping in front of you during the ceremony to get a shot with his iPad.
Even with a groom who Does. Not. Want. To. Be. Photographed.
Even when time is ticking and that light is not going to be there for much longer.
Even with a bridesmaid who knows better than you do how to take a photo and tells you constantly how you should be doing it.  For 2 hours. (Especially then).
Even at the end of the night at the reception when that drunk guy keeps wanting to take a photo of you with your camera.
At all times, Remain Calm.

You need to be a Director.
Most couples aren’t used to being in front of the camera.  You need to tell them what to do. You also need to keep them comfortable and happy.  If they are tense, they will look tense in the images.  Alcohol can help them.

You need to be a Tie Tie-er and a Buttonhole Flower Pinner On-er.   However, this I don’t do.  It’s better for me to photograph the guy watching YouTube on how to knot a tie.  And the only time I got involved in Buttonhole flowers, the Mother Of The Bride stared in horror at the groomsmen and demanded to know why they were all on upside down.

Other things you need to have are Compassion, Empathy and a couple cans of energy drink.

But above all, the most important thing – you need to have a Sense of Humour.

And never lose it.

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