Sara-Jayne and Nathan

What can I say about Sara-Jayne and Nathan?  What a special wedding. This was so much fun, I had an absolute ball with them.

Sara-Jayne was getting ready at the Sea Temple in Port Douglas, with a glass of Moet, of course.

It was a fantastic morning, with all the girls helping and enjoying the day.

And I love that she wore white thongs as wedding shoes!!

So while the Moet flowed at the Sea Temple, the boys were back at 4 Mile drinking Coronas and being pretty typical boys on a wedding day.  Usually they suddenly realise that the ceremony is in 20 minutes and they should probably turn off the football, get out of the pool, and get dressed.

Having said that, the guys were mainly ready when I arrived.

With a bit of discussion on which way up a buttonhole corsage goes, they were ready for a few pre wedding photos.

“Of course you can still drink your beers” I told them and they all looked very relieved,

and drank in perfect unison.

Meanwhile, back at the Sea Temple

the girls were dressed

and ready to help Sara-Jayne.

The ceremony was held by Sarah Woods on the boardwalk at the Sea Temple, just off the beach.

And it was beautiful.

There was so much emotion, love and lots and lots of laughter.

It’s not always the bride who gets a bit teary and stumbles on the vows,

And then Nathan told Sara he’d take her to be his life, instead of wife, and there was more laughter.  It was a fabulous ceremony.

It was a hot day, so we went to a rainforest creek first for some bridal party portraits.

And then to the Port Douglas Sugar Wharf for some cigars.

November in Port can be quite warm, and it was.

Lunch and the reception was back at the Sea Temple

In the afternoon, Sara-Jayne and Nathan moved to the lounge for a bit of lounging

and were soon joined by everyone.

Then it was back to the villa for cake and a few more speeches

and the garter toss.

And more cigars.

It was a magical day, but this story isn’t over.  It will continue soon with a helicopter, a sand cay and a sunrise.  Here’s a peek until that post is up.

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  1. Shell says:

    the photos look amazing sista……………xxx

  2. Sara-Jayne Johnson says:

    Absolutely amazing photos!! Thank you so much for capturing our most special day! x x Sara & Nath

  3. Lottie says:

    Awesome photos, I love them 🙂 Everyone looks so happy xx

  4. jayne mc dougall says:

    great photos!!!!!! you all look amazing congrats to u both and zac u looked very smart mate

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