Sandra & Susy

This is the day Sandra and Susy were married, after being together for 23 years.

1 S&S 044A4307Mali Mali  is a stunning property.

port-douglas-wedding-photographer-catseye-productions-sandrasusy001When I arrived Chriso the personal chef was already in full swing and Susy was pouring the champagne.



10 S&S 5S4A4438


11 S&S 044A4311Daughter Amber was finishing hair and make up



21 S&S 044A4324

27 S&S 5S4A4451

30 S&S 5S4A4460


31 S&S 044A4330


42 S&S 044A4340


port-douglas-wedding-photographer-catseye-productions-sandrasusy007It was a wonderful relaxed morning

45 S&S 5S4A4471

48 S&S 5S4A4474

51 S&S 5S4A4480Both Mum’s were also having a great day

85 S&S 5S4A4527

89 S&S 044A4386

We had a lovely photo shoot before the ceremony so the girls could enjoy the guests and the party after the ceremony

96 S&S DJI_0033

99 S&S DJI_0042




224 S&S 5S4A4805

226 S&S 5S4A4809

port-douglas-wedding-photographer-catseye-productions-sandrasusy012The ceremony was amazing

port-douglas-wedding-photographer-catseye-productions-sandrasusy013with celebrant Wayne Rees

256 S&S 5S4A4868

257 S&S 5S4A4869

258 S&S 5S4A4872

260 S&S 044A4448

263 S&S 5S4A4876

267 S&S 5S4A4881

268 S&S 044A4450

272 S&S 5S4A4888

273 S&S 5S4A4889The vows were beautiful





399 S&S 5S4A5087

402 S&S 5S4A5090

404 S&S 5S4A5092The house looked amazing thanks to Port Douglas Weddings and Hire.



417 S&S 044A4479

418 S&S 044A4481


420 S&S 5S4A5101 It was a small, intimate affair

428 S&S DJI_0064

430 S&S 5S4A5105

461 S&S 044A4514

474 S&S 5S4A5139

481 S&S 044A4536

498 S&S 044A4574

538 S&S 044A4672And of course the woman who makes everything run as smoothly as silk, Bec from Dragonfly Weddings & Events

543 S&S 044A4680It was an amazing wedding for two very beautiful people.







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