A little story about eloping in Cape Tribulation

Catherine & Aaron had been driving around Australia before they ended in Cape Tribulation to elope, so they sort of had their honeymoon first.

I was driving up to meet them there, it was a beautiful day for the 1.5 hr trip from Port Douglas…


which includes crossing the Daintree RiverHarford blog-4


Catherine and Aaron were staying at the amazing Daintree Secrets , a 3 bedroom house right over 3 fresh rainforest creek pools.Harford blog-24

Harford blog-17

Past guests had expressed their delight at the accommodation in the guest book

Harford blog-25

Harford blog-26

It was a real elopement, where I was a witness, and Wynter, a Cape Trib local was the other.  Here he is having a dip before the ceremony.


Aaron was waiting on the little rock for Catherine…
Harford blog-28

Harford blog-30

Harford blog-31

and they were married in a very special place.Harford blog-34

Harford blog-38

Natasha Kollosche was the celebrant and the ceremony was perfect.Harford blog-39




Wynter tied the knot for themHarford blog-46

Harford blog-47

Harford blog-42

Harford blog-48

Harford blog-62

Harford blog-64

Harford blog-65

Catherine and Aaron, it was an absolute pleasure to photograph and witness your wedding.

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  1. Simon. says:

    Wow. What a great story, and an amazing job capturing it. Now I want to elope too!!!

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