The shallow 50mm walk.

Friday’s shoot was postponed, so I decided to get off the computer and go for a walk up a hill.

I took one lens. Prime 50mm 1.4.  I usually work with a few bodies and a variety of lenses, so having only one set lens reminded me of when I first started taking photos.  I turned the preview off as well, to keep with the old school feel of the day, and shot everything with a shallow depth of field.

We headed out of town and towards the hill.

This is the hill.

The bottom of the track is covered in wait-a-while, which makes the going slow. It grabs you, rips skin and clothes if you don’t stop and gently release it.

In some parts the track is completely blocked by the wait-a-while, and we needed to detour around it.

I haven’t been for a good walk for a while, and it came more easily than I’d suspected.  Thanks, I’m sure, to the t-shirt I was wearing.

And that’s the end of the Fireball.  Now we’re going to have to go to Canada or Maui to get some more…

We lost the track on the way back for a while, and found footprints.

We lost the track again for a while and found a python under a tree. 


  1. Ally says:

    Beautiful Ali G.

  2. The forest looks lovely! nice picture Alicato!

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