The first 48hrs

Off the flight from Miami into the open air of Port au Prince airport, as I’m walking down the ramp, is a five piece band with an accordian, banjo, guitar, drum and maracas playing calypso. Even after two days of flying, I can’t stop grinning.  I’m in Haiti.

I was the first to arrive and had arranged to wait for Ellie’s flight at the airport but very quickly changed the plan as I was accosted by big boisterous Darlene, who looked after me whether I liked it or not.  She was exactly what I needed.  Barreling through the crowd she ordered someone to carry my bags, batted away any other driver, organised a local sim card, bossed me to the car without taking breath all with me following through the crowd in her wake.

She also cost me a fortune.

Here are a random selection from our first 2 days.

The tents are everywhere.  Rubble is everywhere.

First light in Port au Prince

This tap in in use 24 hours



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