Hi, I’m Ali.

(Alicat to my friends, and Alison if I’m in trouble).

(Some) Things I love;

National Georgraphic, rain on a tin roof, weekend papers, sailing, good wine, cheap wine, longboards, Spanish, raiding my sister’s wardrobe, a half Irish half African man, and our dog.

(Some) Things I don’t love;

Raw onion

(Some) Things I’ve done;

Photographed or filmed people in love, orphans in Haiti, farmers in Tasmania, Holi festivals in India, remote villagers in PNG, beautiful food, stunning boats and amazing humans.

(Some) Things I haven’t done

Sung Kareoke (or learnt how to spell it)
Without a camera I’m a tiny bit scared of heights.
With a camera in my hand, I can climb 3.5 metres up a rickety ladder, stand on the edge of a roof, and lean well out of a helicopter with no door…
Check out my personal work gallery for more about me.


Here is my winning video on what life is like in Port Douglas.  It is actually pretty spot on to how we live up here.

(And I am going to get around to getting a photo of me soon…)